The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

The Cats of the suburban Serengeti have superior predatory skills. They can be seen honing their skills on unsuspecting catnip toys that dare cross their paths as they traverse the savanna. The Cats’ instinct for hunting prey is so strong, they will often launch a sneak attack on whatever is moving in their territory. Please view this video for a stunning display of suburban cat prowess.

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The natives might be restless


The cats of the suburban Serengeti are seen plotting against the other residents of the savanna.

We’ve had a little drama in the Serengeti recently. We had new windows installed. Ordinarily, that would not be a big deal, but we have an escape artist living on the savanna. Day 1 of window installation is also Day 1 of removal and the professionals removed the sliding glass doors in the bedroom and went on to other tasks. I caught said escape artist wandering out of the gaping hole in our home into our backyard. After that, the cats were under house arrest. The escape artist is also the plotter on the right in the picture above. His name is Remo and he’s the naughtiest cat of the suburban Serengeti.

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Cats Love Water–Whaaaat??

Cats of the suburban Serengeti gather at the watering hole each morning. These cats often displace other inhabitants of the savanna, forcing them to find alternate water sources.

In the new house, this is the scene in the morning and every other time somebody is using the sink. They are obsessed with running water. I bought them one of those water fountains so they constantly have clean, running water, but apparently they are too parched to use their fountain every time I brush my teeth. I usually go to the other bathroom to finish up because, well, if you have cats you know why.

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Cats of the suburban Serengeti


Cats of the suburban Serengeti rest and sun themselves during the day in order to conserve energy for their nighttime activities.

Welcome to my blog. If you’re not one of the seven people who ever “Liked” my “Cats of the suburban Serengeti” posts on Facebook, I am shocked and humbled you are here. I hope you like it. If you are one of my seven friends, you can take all the credit for this. I need very little encouragement.

The cast of cats you will see in this blog are Leo, Milo and Remo. It can be hard to tell them apart because they are all ginger cats. Just like people, even though they share a lot of the same features, they are distinct personalities. The cats, myself and my husband live in the suburban Serengeti a/k/a Tampa, Florida. We just bought a house with lots of wonderful places for the cats to explore and that’s how this thing started.


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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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